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Elican Fees

Competitive Fees

Our fees are very flexible and affordable. We believe that money should not be a barrier to good and quality education.

  1. Registration and Admission fees must be paid before the child can start school. Admission Fee is NOT Refundable.
  2. Fees are payable termly in advance or must be paid during the first fourteen days of each term failing which the child will not be allowed in class.
  3. A full term’s fees are payable irrespective of the actual date of admission, re-entry or withdrawal.
  4. Where pupils will be absent for a full academic year and parent wish place kept, fees must be paid in full for the period of absence; otherwise pupils will be considered as new entrants and admitted when a vacancy occurs, on payment of a new admission fee.
  5. A term’s written notice (i.e four months) is required on withdrawal. If no such notice is given, a term’s fees must be paid in lieu thereof. Exception to this rule may be made at the discretion of the Directress, if withdrawal is made necessary by unforeseen transfer of parents. In any case, written notice must be given as soon as plans are known.
  6. Fees are not refundable in the event of a pupil being expelled, absence or withdrawal or in any other circumstance before the end of the term.
  7. The Directress of the school reserves the right to raise the scale of fees during the course of the school year.
  8. The school has a payment plan for which parents facing undue hardships may apply. Application for help can be submitted through the Manager to the Directress.
    Demand an official receipt for all payments.